Emergency Planning Excercises & DISASTER DRILLS for Surgery Centers

Master That Disaster was created to help organizations meet the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirement to conduct tabletop exercises of their disaster preparedness plan.

Disaster Preparedness Drills Disaster Preparedness Drills

Disaster Drills

Use the custom made colorful detailed floor plan of your facility along with the clinically-relevant emergency scenarios forms to fulfill the steps CMS requires:

  • Group Discussion
  • Narrated clinically relevant emergency scenarios
  • Set of prepared questions
  • Evaluation and analysis of response

Master That Disaster tool encourages staff to visualize the facility during an emergency, stimulates discussion, and leads to improved preparedness.

Available emergency scenarios include: Incapacitated Surgeon, Loss of Piped in Oxygen, Active Shooter, Bomb Threat and Shelter in Place.